How to increase sales of your product with the right words

Do you have an online store? Do you sell beauty products or fashion? This sector, next to the luxury has not suffered the vagaries of the economic crisis.

But if you want to stand out from the competition, the key is in the SEO and a good description of the products. The positioning help, but once your customers find you on the net, Make this easy with an attractive image and a full description. Continue reading “How to increase sales of your product with the right words”

‘The accountant’, the autistic cousin Jason Bourne

The name Ben Affleck was associated for more than a few years at Matt Damon, which makes sense when you consider the strong friendship between them and the fact that both won the Oscar for best original screenplay for his work in ‘Good Will Hunting ‘. Affleck’s career took very little to take off, but in the middle of the last decade took several years of respite before the cameras that came in handy.

At the time, Damon was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, largely by giving life to Jason Bourne, role to which he returned a few months ago with slightly unsatisfactory results. Now is Affleck who has gotten into a character more or less in line created by Robert Ludlum in ‘The Accountant’, a thriller discreet is working at the box office better than initially expected. Continue reading “‘The accountant’, the autistic cousin Jason Bourne”

‘Logan’, exciting trailer for the latest film by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

We continue with expected advances in superhero films. Yesterday was the day of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ and today is the ‘Logan’, last film as Wolverine Hugh Jackman (Wolverine). So far we have seen pictures of the shooting and a poster so this teaser trailer provides the first real look at the film. And he looks good. Continue reading “‘Logan’, exciting trailer for the latest film by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine”

Dough recipe homemade pizza

The dough recipe homemade pizza is simple, it is light bread dough enriched with olive oil, which must be baked at high temperature. Here we explain the secret to getting a perfect, similar mass that is produced in the pizzerias.

In Italy, pizza is usually eaten in restaurants where it is made traditionally in special firewood ovens where the “pizza” is responsible for preparing them. It is a dish of Neapolitan origin, it seems, and the first pizzas were just a few loaves of bread flavored with herbs and oil. Gradually they have been added ingredients, tomato, cheese, sausages, etc. and it has been popularized over the past century throughout Italy and the rest of the world. Continue reading “Dough recipe homemade pizza”

Traditional Recipe: Garlic Soup with Ham and Egg

Has always caught my attention the plural name of this type of development that is so traditional of our gastronomy and whose variants are many and are spread throughout the geography of the country. In my house the garlic soup made with ham and egg and bread is broken with a little help. So I learned from my mother, she hers and so generation after generation. Continue reading “Traditional Recipe: Garlic Soup with Ham and Egg”

Three routines with your body weight to train at home on a rainy day

Are you one of those rainy days passes going to the gym because “hey, what roll, I will not leave this time”? For these days when laziness makes his own and do not want us to leave home, YouTube can be a great ally, where you can find many routines with our own body weight that will motivate us to move a little.

Fitness channel Bloom to Fit is a mine if you like this kind of training. Then we leave a selection of our top 3 routines to body weight for all levels that you can do at home, ready? Continue reading “Three routines with your body weight to train at home on a rainy day”

Tiptoes like dancers, the best way to work the twins

One of the weaknesses of most of us usually the legs and work. As mentioned on countless occasions it is important that we work to get a perfect body balance. So we want to give some tips and methods to work one of the parts that usually costs us when we usually train legs and almost always forget. It is specifically twins a muscle group very grateful if you train properly.

First of all let’s stop to this in ballet dancers, it is that if you look at their legs, we realize that her twins are highly developed. Basically this is because most of the day is spent supporting only the toes on the floor. This simple motion put to work the calf muscles, making the twins grow considerably and acquire a well – marked form. Continue reading “Tiptoes like dancers, the best way to work the twins”

Facebook allow you to see more nudity and other content if they are “public interest”

Facebook has released a statement in which alludes to the controversy over censorship of content on the social network in recent months. In it they explain that will be more lenient with those contents that are relevant to current or important to the public interest “even if they violate our standards.”

The last most recent case was the censorship of the famous historic photograph of the girl napalm. From now on, Facebook will be more permissive with this type of content that had previously been censured for “violent” or “pornographic”. Continue reading “Facebook allow you to see more nudity and other content if they are “public interest””

Listen free and unlimited music on your browser and the easiest way

Qroom is a small project that began this year. Created by Argentine Rodrigo Gutierrez, Emiliano Suarez, Augustine and Julian Ciccioli Ciccioli seeksbe one of the simplest ways to listen music at random without having to worry about more. You do not have to install anything, you do not have to register and favorite part of many: do not have to pay.

It is a minimalist website where all you have to do is type the name of an artist or song and choose the result you like to start listening. There are no limits and choose the name of a band is on a list of almost endless playback. Continue reading “Listen free and unlimited music on your browser and the easiest way”

NEC integrates its panels Raspberry Pi on TV

If you purchased a Smart TV you’ve seen how fast the hardware becomes obsolete. Any hardware solution that can be easily expandable is more than welcome, and many are those who think the Smart part should be as separate as possible from the panel. NEC has just announced it will manufacture large (over 40 inches) panels. But the novelty of these TVs is that they have an integrated approach to the Raspberry Pi Compute module slot. Continue reading “NEC integrates its panels Raspberry Pi on TV”