If you purchased a Smart TV you’ve seen how fast the hardware becomes obsolete. Any hardware solution that can be easily expandable is more than welcome, and many are those who think the Smart part should be as separate as possible from the panel. NEC has just announced it will manufacture large (over 40 inches) panels. But the novelty of these TVs is that they have an integrated approach to the Raspberry Pi Compute module slot.

Image Source: Google Image

And, incidentally, it has announced the upcoming availability of Compute Module 3 of the Raspberry Pi. Module already foreshadowed in some of the pictures that accompany the entry.

The panels were announced in the Display Trends Forum in Rome on October 10 by Thomas Walter (Strategic Product Marketing NEC) as part of the Modular Concept NEC Display. During the announcement Eben Upton confirmed some of the technical details. NEC has requested a special version of CM3 with 16GB of flash memory and some improvement in performance, which is a generous increase from 4GB defaults to the Compute Module 2.

This allows providing the CM3 much more space to include besides the Linux distribution chosen for space programs and applications of Smart TV.

Does this mean that we can update the intelligent part of the panels for ourselves means? Eben Upton says in the video from the point of view of hardware the CM can be updated in the future, we will see what happens with the software and options that provide NEC for it. But bet on a hardware such as the Raspberry Pi is a step in the right direction.

Using standard hardware for TV panels is an excellent idea, not only because of the cheapening of it but by the possibilities it opens. The presentation seems to be a commitment by NEC to continue with Compute Module of the Raspberry Pi for along time.