The epitome of class, the epitome of wealth and elegance, the Diamond is what all other measures are set against. Mined from the deep underground these precious jewels are renowned for their beauty and sparkling, mesmerising qualities. Which Diamonds are considered the worlds finest? We have included a few examples here, they may be a little out of your price range but when buying Diamond rings online it’s a good idea to have a look at before you make that vital purchase. Let us have a look a some of these world-famous diamonds.

The Hope Diamond found in the Kollur Mine of India weighing in at Forty-five point fifty-two carats. Don’t be fooled by its name, the Diamond is reputed to be cursed so it’s not a suitable addition to your financee’s wedding ring. Reputedly this was due to it being stolen by a Hindu priest whose fate was to die horribly and it also belonged to the last monarchs of France Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette who came to a sticky end during the French Revolution. It was called the French Blue once, as it is a blue diamond. It sits safely under lock and key where it can do no harm at the Smithsonian institute in New York since 1958.

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Next is the Cullian Diamond discovered in South Africa’s Premier mine in 1905. Coming in at an incredible three thousand one hundred and six carats this was the largest diamond ever found. We say “was” as it has now been cut up into several smaller versions and these features around the world. One of the most prestigious positions of this beautiful diamond is in the British Crown jewels and also the Imperial State Crown.

The Centenary Diamond. Again, a discovery in South Africa’s premier mine. Whilst it is not as big as the Cullian, it is a paltry two hundred and seventy-three carats, it is nevertheless an interesting piece and it features 247 facets certainly making it the contender for the most incredible diamond to view.

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The Orlov Diamond. The Russian royal family certainly knew how to spend their money and look very good doing it. Extremely rich and powerful they decided that the Imperial Sceptre need something to convey their power so the Orlov diamond was selected. Also going under the name of the” great Moghul” this Diamond sits within the walls of the Russian seat of Government, the Kremlin. It weighs in at a massive seven hundred and eighty-seven carats. It was found in that most abundant of mines the Kollur in India, hence its name the Great Moghul.

We hope that you have enjoyed this little look at some of the worlds most famous diamonds. Of course, the most important is yours for that special person.