Burslem is to be given a much-needed makeover in a £10 million redevelopment plan to breathe new life into derelict land. The former Royal Doulton and Wades factory sites could be brought back into use instead of standing idle. Stoke-on-Trent City Council hopes to bid for government cash to kick-startContinue Reading

Where to See Whales in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known for its green gold: the forest and the biodiversity that animates it. But this country also has a blue gold just as valuable: the Pacific Ocean. It is home to a particularly rich wildlife and mythical animals that fascinate children as the greatest. Among them, thereContinue Reading

Arcades are a ton of fun and can be just as much of an entertainment hot spot for adults as it is for kids. The most important thing when it comes to making use of arcade games is to find a great local arcade or play them right in yourContinue Reading

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It is a depressing truth, but female drivers are statistically more at risk than men when driving alone, particularly at night. Image Credit Thefts and attacks are rare, but can happen. So what can you do to protect yourself when you are driving alone? Follow these steps to ensure yourContinue Reading

When shopping for the perfect gift for a loved one, you might never have considered art. Buying art as a gift is a wonderful way of showing you care, as art is so personal and emotional. Whether you are looking for paintings, photography, sculpture or another type of artwork, readContinue Reading

If you use a silicone hose for only one reason, you might be amazed at the diverse applications and uses where a silicone hose can be effective. Due to its durability, versatility and heat tolerance, the silicone hose is adopted in a variety of different industries. Image Credit Car detailingContinue Reading

Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

Did you know that dogs feel cold and also need to wrap themselves up to fight it? Do not make the mistake of not protecting your dog by thinking that his fur is enough. Discover when and how to protect it from low temperatures. Your pet will thank you! SurelyContinue Reading

Keeping your website secure is a major challenge facing every business with a web presence. With increasing data stored in web-accessible locations, the potential damage to even small businesses is rising. It is important, then, for every business maintaining a web presence to recognise the risks and potential challenges thatContinue Reading