7 tips for the auto business for the holidays

If you’re unfamiliar with Conversational AI, here’s a quick primer: It’s the latest buzzword in Artificial Intelligence, a growing field of research focusing on using conversations to enhance human-machine interactions. Moreover, conversational intelligence is not just about identifying trends and questions posed by prospects but also about identifying gaps inContinue Reading

If you’ve been putting off writing your graduation announcement for months or even years, consider handwritten graduation cards. Handwritten messages convey sincerity and compassion. They also serve as invitations to the real graduation celebration. In addition, these cards can be a wonderful way to thank people for their support. HereContinue Reading

Almost everyone has heard of wells – holes in the ground filled with water. But the truth is that wells have more than meets the eye. So here are some things to know about water wells. First, there are two kinds of wells: Drilled and Deeper. And they both requireContinue Reading