Sadly, many cats are killed outside nowadays. With many things to contend with, from dangerous dogs to busier roads, to poisoning and getting lost it can be safer to keep your cat indoors. However, if you want to ensure that your cat has access to the great outdoors but isContinue Reading

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Beginning Of Puppy Training

Puppy training at home Any adequate host understands that if his puppy starts to get bored, troubles and destruction will inevitably begin in the apartment. If the puppy does not have the mental and physical load he needs, his energy can find a splash in various disgraces – unrestrained barkingContinue Reading

Why Do Big Dogs Live Less Than Small Ones?

A dog as big as a Saint Bernard does not usually reach 10 years of life, however, a small chihuahua reaches 15 years of life without problems. What are the reasons that big dogs live less? In the animal kingdom, size usually equals longevity, since normally, large animals such asContinue Reading

How To Educate A Puppy Dog?

How to educate a puppy dog: it is a question that is often asked by the neo-owners of dogs. The problem is that in 99% of cases it is placed when the dog has been in the house for weeks and has taken all the worst possible and imaginable habits.Continue Reading

Take A Puppy Which Is The Best Age

Knowing which age is best for taking a puppy away from nursing care can be important to avoid many character problems Not always small is beautiful Of course, it is difficult to resist the beauty and sweetness of a tiny puppy, maybe just able to stand on the legs toContinue Reading

6 tips to make your dog happy

It is said that dogs are the best friend of man and are willing to please us always. However, would you be able to make your dog happy? Fortunately, this is not very difficult to achieve, so follow these 6 tips and you will achieve a dog mentally stable andContinue Reading

Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

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Not contesting that the dog, who lives in an apartment in the city is not enough exercise. I do not think that the majority of owners of large breeds could boast that makes daily ten-kilometer jogging or cycling trips with your pet. Of course, some fans – breeders take outContinue Reading