With wedding season upon us, many uninspired guests are probably quibbling over whether to buy their newlywed pals the kettle or the toaster. Image Credit With a report in Time Magazine suggesting that millennials simply don’t want traditional wedding gifts anymore, perhaps it’s time to start thinking out of theContinue Reading

Food has a great influence on our daily performance, so when it comes to any type of exercise is essential to choose the right foods to provide the support and energy needed to perform well. Some of the foods that can be used to have energy before and after exerciseContinue Reading

As many of you know recently we were in the United States on a trip that took us through several cities and left us wanting more. At first, it was difficult to decide where we would go and if we chose New York, Washington and Niagara Falls there were othersContinue Reading

The good sunglasses will give you beautiful looks while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Here are 4 tips to help you find the perfect pair for you. 1. Choose a mount type Sport: Stylish, lightweight and aerodynamic, sports models are often made with polarized lenses and keep youContinue Reading

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, with oxygen being the first. It is used commercially without being separated and often needs little processing. The construction industry uses silicon in building materials; other uses are in glass and ceramics. Image Credit The modern world economy owesContinue Reading

People are always worried, and especially in the modern world, which is characterized by the constant rush, mass consumption, and information overload. This book helps a person to not only survive but thrive in difficult times, to maintain a positive setting, regardless of the situation and get rid of theContinue Reading

From toddlers to the elderly, most women and many men will have experimented with makeup at some point in their lives. This begins with the curiosity of toddlers seeing their mothers going through a transformation each morning, moving onto young children and teenagers mesmerised by the beauty of their favouriteContinue Reading