Is Vantage Travel in Financial Trouble?

Vantage Travel, a renowned name in the travel industry, has recently raised concerns among its customers and investors. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Is Vantage Travel in financial trouble?” In this comprehensive article, we delve into the financial situation of Vantage Travel, exploring the key factors that may beContinue Reading

We Choose A Suitcase Or A Travel Bag.

The long-awaited warm season has come, the May long holidays and behind them are not behind the “mountains” and summer is the time of holidays. There comes a time when it is worth thinking about where and when to go on vacation or go on a trip. Everything you needContinue Reading

Where To See Penguins In Patagonia

Patagonia is mythical. Distant, far away, enormous, cold and sometimes particularly solitary. Usually when you think of Patagonia in mind two images are cast: the imposing and majestic Perito Moreno, and then the cute penguins, which, given the perpetually low temperatures, even in summer, in the months from August toContinue Reading

See the Colors of New York City

New York City. City dreamed by many, googled, searched, drawn and photographed. Told in the filmi, books. Sung and decanted. Lived and coveted. For me, New York has always been a city like any other. I do not think I’ve ever fantasized about it. And even though I often sawContinue Reading

Where to See Whales in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known for its green gold: the forest and the biodiversity that animates it. But this country also has a blue gold just as valuable: the Pacific Ocean. It is home to a particularly rich wildlife and mythical animals that fascinate children as the greatest. Among them, thereContinue Reading

As many of you know recently we were in the United States on a trip that took us through several cities and left us wanting more. At first, it was difficult to decide where we would go and if we chose New York, Washington and Niagara Falls there were othersContinue Reading