How To Form Healthy Eating Habits?

How To Form Healthy Eating Habits?

The environment establishes the rules, accustoms to a certain rhythm and eating habits. Many of them we do not even analyze, and it’s not always useful to what we are used to.

We chose the most popular misconceptions about the subject of eating habits. Let’s try to analyze all the points and draw conclusions with the benefits for the body.

Coffee is good to drink in the morning, to be cheerful all day

If you are experienced caffeine, then for sure you drink from 2 to infinity cups a day. The invigorating effect of the drink depends on the drunken dose: caffeine needs 15 to 40 minutes to pass through the circulatory system and bring the body into the tone. After peak activity caffeine requires helpers in the form of another portion. The effect is weakened in half after 5 hours after drinking the drink.

By the way, if you smoke, then you are familiar with the desire to drink an invigorating American right after a smoked cigarette at a break with colleagues? It is known that for smokers the duration of action of caffeine is halved. However, following the constant desire to be energetic, you can overdo it. Nutritionists say that a liter of coffee during the working day reduces the quality of sleep and causes the body to become stressed.How To Form Healthy Eating Habits?

Do you know how caffeine actually works?

Its peculiarity is that it increases the blood sugar level, but very quickly the glucose values come back to normal and a person can feel only depression and apathy.

Tip: maintain the sugar level can be regular meals, the best time on the schedule. Do not forget to at least have breakfast, have a snack with seasonal fruits or berries, have dinner and then have supper. It is important to maintain a drinking regime. Such a system will help keep the glucose level at the same level throughout the day.

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There are after six – the right way to completeness

It is difficult to find a woman who did not hear a horror story about eating habits six. Indeed, doctors do not recommend dinner before bed, because the process of metabolism is slightly slowed down and instead of burning fat our body is saving it economically. The most important thing in choosing dinner time is to sit at the table 2-4 hours before bedtime. It is better to choose light salads, vegetables, low-fat varieties of fish, so as not to feel the heaviness. Nutritionists also remind that it is important to have the total number of calories per day.

Therefore, we recommend not to be afraid to eat after six, but only to monitor the rate of calories per day and eat well in advance of going to bed.

Tip: if you drink 15-30 minutes before eating a glass of water, you will be able to reduce the portion due to faster saturation.How To Form Healthy Eating Habits?

A friend of strong bones-dairy products

Do you remember how in the kindergarten was milk or kefir? It is believed that a glass of fermented milk product will help the body to obtain the necessary calcium. In milk, there is a lot of vitamin D, but there are no other nutrients that are needed for strong bones. For example, vitamin K (contained in greenery) and magnesium (which can be found in large quantities in mineral water). German scientists from the Hanover University of Leibniz found that mineral water is a valuable source of calcium for the human body. Surprisingly, many spices and spices contain calcium. These include basil, dill, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, rosemary, garlic.

By the way, treacle contains a large percentage of calcium – 172 mg in a tablespoon. It turns out, replacing the usual sugar with treacle; you will not only form a useful habit but also supply your organism with the necessary bones with a microelement. Many food producers enrich their products with calcium. A vivid example – breakfast cereals, juices, milk substitutes (rice, soy milk).

Eating leads to excess cholesterol

Do you try to eat no more than three eggs a week? The reason is that everyone is afraid of high cholesterol. Before you panic, you need to understand the concepts of “bad” and “good” cholesterol. In itself, its high content in food does not have a particularly negative effect on the processes occurring in the body. Depending on the size of the eggs, the cholesterol content may differ, but on average is 200-300 mg per 100 grams of the product. The daily norm of cholesterol, supplied with food, is 200 mg. It turns out that eating one large chicken egg, we get this daily rate. Cholesterol, supplied with food, is converted into the blood in two completely different cholesterol – “bad” and “good.” The former participates in the formation of sclerotic plaques in the blood vessels, and the second – fights and cleanses the vessels. That,

How to know what to turn cholesterol in a chicken egg?

It all depends on what you send to the gastrointestinal tract along with the egg. For example, fried eggs with lard and sausage are an extremely harmful combination. Scrambled eggs in vegetable oil or unaccompanied eggs will contribute to the beneficial absorption in the blood of the necessary trace elements for health.

Tip: try to eat eggs without accompaniment in the form of sausage or fatty cheeses. Controlled eating habits of chicken eggs are beneficial.How To Form Healthy Eating Habits?

Frozen fruits and vegetables are less nutritious than fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are really richer in vitamins than frozen ones. This statement is completely true if you buy products grown near your place of residence or collect them in your own garden. In the case of vegetables brought from afar, they are exposed to high or low temperatures during the journey and important nutrients such as vitamins A and C are killed. Frozen vegetables and fruits are collected and shaken for several hours after harvest when their nutritional value is the highest.

Advice: buy seasonal vegetables and fruits, and store several packages in the freezer in a frozen form.

How to form healthy eating habits?

  • When you eat, think about what you eat. Eat slowly, savoring each piece.
  • Do not be distracted during lunch or dinner. Try not to eat in front of the TV-visor, computer or behind the book. It is best to collect the whole family at the table and calmly discuss the day.
  • To concentrate on the process itself, try new gastronomic combinations or a way of cooking.
  • Thoroughly chew food. You will be satisfied with less food.
  • Do not overeat. Reduce the serving size and use a smaller dish.
  • Plan any snack in advance.

Approach the formation of a diet with intelligence and curiosity. Be healthy!

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