Why is Japanese Knotweed Such a Problem?

Whether or not you have heard of Japanese Knotweed, it is a bugbear to many people – from gardeners to housing development companies. Growing Japanese Knotweed in the wild is actually against the law and although it is not illegal to have it in your own garden, you should be aware of the invasive nature of the plant and the fact that you will have to make an effort to control it and prevent its spread.

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If you have a suspicion that you have Japanese Knotweed growing in your garden the first thing that you should do is get it identified by a professional, as it can be mistaken for other plants such as Russian vine, which has a similar appearance. It is possible with a lot of work to get rid of it yourself, but often it is much better to get a professional in like these Remediation Contractors https://soilfix.co.uk/services/groundwater-soil-remediation-services who will be able to do the job safely and correctly. Because Japanese Knotweed is considered controlled waste, it must also be correctly disposed of and not put into the general household waste or garden waste.

One of the reasons why Japanese Knotweed is so bad is the fact that it is capable of getting through brick and concrete – so if it gets under the foundations of your home for example, it can cause huge problems, and can also damage driveways, drains and roads.

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The problem with Japanese knotweed has arisen from just one female plant that was brought to the UK and has successfully cloned herself millions of times over, via the roots!