6 Tips To Make Your Dog Happy

6 tips to make your dog happy

It is said that dogs are the best friend of man and are willing to please us always. However, would you be able to make your dog happy? Fortunately, this is not very difficult to achieve, so follow these 6 tips and you will achieve a dog mentally stable and with an iron health.

1. Caress your dog

Take some time of the day to share with your dog and get this routine, quality time. Take advantage to caress, hug or give a relaxing massage on legs and thighs. Dogs, especially those who are older, love physical contact, especially if it comes from the person they feel most affection for.

A loving treatment is very advisable for the health of your pet, this will make you develop confidence, improve your self-esteem and significantly reduce the levels of stress that can accumulate.

Caresses are also the fastest way to generate links with your pet. A dog that allows you to approach and have contact with him, means that you have confidence and he knows that you will not hurt him. Especially if he sleeps near you or shows you vulnerable areas like his belly.

2. Treat your dog with respect6 tips to make your dog happy

Your dog, especially if you have raised it from a puppy, develops a bond of submission and confidence towards you. Respect that familiarity and do not abuse it, treat your dog with all the affection it deserves, do not tie it up or isolate it, educate it correctly without using violence. Allow him to be with other people and animals, do not mutilate him for aesthetic reasons and feed him properly. Understand that your pet is a living being that depends entirely on you and that it is your attitudes that will directly affect your quality of life.

3. Keep your dog active

Dogs are very energetic animals and need physical activity.  Use a few minutes of your day to play with him, you can be playing to throw the ball, to take a long walk in the park or take him to a place where they can go hiking. This will be very good for your pet, because through the game, it stimulates your intelligence, learns skills and interacts with different elements and environments.

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4. Walks

Try to walk with your dog every day, you can go to a nearby park, take it to the beach or a path, any space where you can walk with your pet and spend a moment of quality with it. Remember that the interaction with new spaces, elements, and smells is very important for the proper development of your pet, this will increase your known universe, it will make you more confident in the face of new experiences.

This is also an excellent way to stimulate your muscles, as well as strengthen your immune system, but bear in mind that before taking your dog out, you must have completed your vaccination schedule.6 tips to make your dog happy

5. Education

Something that will greatly improve the coexistence with your dog and make your life much easier and happier is education. More than teaching him to do a few tricks, the process of adopting a dog to the home should be guided by a series of rules that tell you what is allowed and what is not. In your education, you should include meal times, outings, places where you can sleep, elements with which you can play, where to do your needs, etc.

This process guarantees a good adaptation of the dog to the home and will avoid many dislikes, so devote time to your education.

6. Reward your good behavior

It stimulates your dog and facilitates its education process by rewarding it when it behaves well. Whether its candy, caresses or toys, as soon as your dog does something you asked for or responds to a certain type of training, congratulate him and reinforce this behavior through positive conditioning. In this way, your dog will be more than willing to follow your instructions or comply with the rules of the home.

As you can tell, making your dog happy is nothing special, it only requires a little dedication and the reward will be to enjoy for a long period of affection and the attention that your little friend can give you.