Google Drive How It Works

Google Drive How It Works

In the digital age and in the internet space it is essential for all companies and their employees to learn how to use and manage cloud storage. In this short guide, we will try to present the free cloud space offered by Google.

First of all, let’s try to understand why knowing how to use these online storage spaces is crucial today for companies.

The cloud (cloud) is a virtual place that we could consider as a library. Within this storage space, it is possible to upload (via upload) sensitive data such as files, documents, pdf, images, videos and other digital media. Access to this data is restricted to people who share the permissions to view or edit those files. Just have an internet connection and you’re done.

Precisely this main feature has allowed the spread, especially in the business environment, of many free storage tools. The cloud services are offered by different companies, the best known are:

  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • Skydrive
  • iCloud

If you understand what we’re talking about, let’s move on to explain Google Drive how it works and how to use it.

Google Drive What Is It?

Google Drive is a cloud tool among the most widespread and used in the world. Allows storage (archiving) and sharing (sharing) of multimedia files, which can be used on the web by all the devices associated with that space and those files.Google Drive How It Works

What is the success of Google Drive? Surely from its main features: the archived data can be accessed from any device. We will soon see the compatibility of this tool with the most popular devices (PC, Smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc). The files are synchronized to the latest version of the files saved in the cloud memory. The update is then done in real time through software that is called “local agent”. Working in the cloud file will be possible at any time to share quickly through a link to other people who want to ensure access. It is possible to choose whether to give the possibility to modify the file also to the other user or to allow only the visualization.

Google Drive is compatible with a myriad of devices (virtually all digital and technological devices currently in circulation). It works on different operating systems like Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and gives its best on Android systems. But Drive you can also use it from your iPhone, given the compatibility with iOS OS.

How Do I Use Google Drive?

Before diving into the Google Drive cloud space, further clarification is required on this tool.

There are several methods of use: we have already mentioned the possibility of modifying or displaying only files shared between users.

Google Drive How It Works

We make greater clarity: cloud services (whether Google Drive or any tool like the ones mentioned above) are usually distinguishable into two large groups:

  • Editing, that is to offer the possibility to modify the shared documents among the various users who have the permits;
  • Versioning, That is to allow the display of different versions of the same document saved in the cloud. In this case, it will be possible to “go back in time”: you can restore the files in the version in which they were saved even several days before;
  • Sharing, or the sharing with other users of a document to allow them to view it;

Sign Up For Google Drive from a Browser

In order to use this tool, you will first need to register with the platform offered by Google. It is very simple and intuitive: if you already have an e-mail account offered by Gmail you simply need to log in and access your space. Otherwise, register and follow the procedure you find on this page: this point, once you have registered and provided your data to Google, you can start using the free storage space made available by this platform.

By accessing your account you can decide whether to use Google Drive through a web browser or download the Drive app for Mac or PC (using it from your device without going through the browser).Even if our explanation is clear enough, remember that Google will provide you with this guide to simply do all the steps:

If you decide to install Drive on your computer (find the item in the vertical menu at the top left), proceed with the installation and follow the instructions carefully (Google will present all the features and potential of Drive). Using the device from your PC without going through the browser, you can work on your documents even offline. In this case, it will be necessary to make changes to the settings of file synchronization in order to guarantee the saving in the cloud of the files on which you will operate.Google Drive How It Works

Under “Advanced settings” choose the correct path to the folder you want to share and save with the synchronization. Click on “Change” if you need to change the route or select only certain folders.

Once the job is saved, upload the changes to the drive by synchronizing with the web connection. In this way, Google will put you in a position to view and edit the file from any device connected to your account (so at any time and from anywhere).

This is precisely the strength of cloud storage: the boundaries and workplaces are literally cut down. You can work on your file in the office, at home, at the park or on the train during a trip. Once the work is done, you just have to synchronize (via internet connection) the file and have the updated version available and accessible in your account. Ready to reuse it again when needed.

Connectivity and Compatibility between Multiple Devices

We have already mentioned in the previous paragraph that Google Drive is available and compatible with different devices and operating systems.

To access Google Drive from a smartphone, just download the application from the store of your OS (for example, PlayStore for Android users), access the account and have at your disposal all the files uploaded to your virtual store.

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What Can I Do On Google Drive?

On Google Drive, you can create new files or upload documents on your hard drive.

On the drop-down menu that you find on the left you’ll find the “Create” or “Load” button. In this way, you will create or upload a new file on the Google server and it will be available as mentioned by your devices connected to the account. As said you can decide to keep the files in the archive for yourself and recall them when the need arises or share them through the option made available by the tool.Google Drive How It Works

The visualization of the documents is very practical, you can arrange them in alphabetical order, according to the last modification or to the user/account who created the file. Also, you can view them as “list” or “grid”.

On the side, choose which files to display on the dashboard:

  • My files are the files you have uploaded or created in the space and which can be accessed by other users;
  • Shared with me, are the files that other users have shared with you to view or edit them together;

For each type of file or project, you can create folders to keep your files in order, as it is best.

The free Google Drive space is 5GB of storage. If you need more space you can buy additional memory through the same platform proceeding to purchase with the various payment procedures available.

One last tip is to make file backups even on your personal hard disk so that you can always keep archive versions available in case the online document in the cloud is lost or deleted by mistake.