How safe is your make up?

From toddlers to the elderly, most women and many men will have experimented with makeup at some point in their lives. This begins with the curiosity of toddlers seeing their mothers going through a transformation each morning, moving onto young children and teenagers mesmerised by the beauty of their favourite celebrities, and then to adults who have grown accustomed to their daily makeup routine.

How safe is your make up

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Is it safe?

For some people, though, this daily routine is an absolute necessity, with the habit born out of personal insecurities or due to skin problems that they would prefer to cover up. How sure are they though, that their makeup is the solution, and not the problem? With literally thousands of brands to choose from, how do we even begin to select the ‘best’ brand, and how can we be sure it is safe?

Informed choice

First, it is best to do some research before spending money on makeup and cosmetics. Many pharmacies have beauty counters where the salespeople will be happy to provide advice about the products they sell. They should be knowledgeable enough to give recommendations based on an individual’s skin type and will often hand out free samples of various products so that people can at least test some products prior to making a choice. There will usually be samples available of all types of products, including moisturising creams, such as Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care.

Research can also be found on the internet, via news sites (for example:, which can offer a general insight into the safety of products which are on sale today. Such sites can also offer advice on how to avoid anything that could potentially be damaging to the skin.

Independent research into an individual product, such as Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care, can be done either on the brand’s own website or on other relevant websites such as Life & Looks (, where useful information can be found, such as the ingredients used to make the product, how it has been tested and usually previous buyer reviews.

With all this advice and information available to us, it would seem a far better choice to spend some time researching a product, and paying a fair price for it, than being seduced by a glamorous brand which could damage the skin. After all, beauty really is skin deep.