How to buy art as the perfect gift

When shopping for the perfect gift for a loved one, you might never have considered art. Buying art as a gift is a wonderful way of showing you care, as art is so personal and emotional. Whether you are looking for paintings, photography, sculpture or another type of artwork, read on for some tips on how to find the perfect piece.

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Some people find the idea of buying art as a present a daunting one, especially if they do not know much about the art world. Buying a work of art can be an idea gift at Christmas, for a birthday, or as a way of saying thank you.

Keep it small

The best advice to begin with is to keep it small, as it is easier to find a place for a small piece of art than a larger piece. This is especially important if you are not 100 per cent sure about the recipient’s taste.

The other important thing to remember is to buy for their taste, not your own! If buying a gift for a baby, try to find a piece that will grow with the child and will still be appropriate when they are older.

Don’t try to find an artwork in keeping with specific hobbies or jobs. Someone who loves gardening may not want a painting of a garden! Think outside their interest areas.

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Consider décor and colour

Consider the décor of the recipient’s home; for example, if they have blue walls, you could consider blue colours to match or other cool tones. Also consider sculpture, such as a bronze animal sculpture from an artist such as Gill Parker Sculptures. This kind of artwork can work beautifully in any style of home and is not restricted to any colour palette.

Don’t worry about having artwork framed. Unfinished canvases are fine to give as presents, as the recipient can find their own preferred style of frame. They might even prefer to keep it unframed. Frames are so important to an artwork that it is often best to let the recipient pick their own.

Conservative or modern?

Finally, consider the style of person. Are they conservative and traditional, or are they modern and quirky? Some people prefer landscapes and soft, traditional scenes, while others might love modern art with bright colours and geometric shapes.