Networking To Make More Money

Before we begin by explaining how networking could make you earn a lot more money, we’ll start by defining what networking is, once you understand, you’ll know the best ways to do it.

Networking is working in the realization and growth of a network of acquaintances or contacts. It is one of the most popular ways nowadays to find better job opportunities, in case you are looking for a new job or even if you are not looking for it, there are always better opportunities and networking is very useful to show you what you are is losing.

However, many people believe that networking is just talking and connecting with people (basically what social networks do) notwithstanding this strategy of personal connection refers more to the management, creation, use of relationships and technology to find better opportunities.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Disadvantages of not networking

If you still do not find sense or need, here are some disadvantages:

  • It depends on contacts in person to know vacancies and if the circle of friends or acquaintances is reduced they will never be able to obtain promotions in other companies or even branches, which translates as professional stagnation with low income.
  • You will not know jobs posted directly by companies or you will get messages from recruiters interested in you and your skills.

How to do networking

Basic steps to get started:

  • Define your goals. Although at this moment in your life you are happy, that does not mean that your needs or tastes can not change, define who you want, apply for a job, promotions or increase in salary. Or if on the contrary, it is a company that looks for customers or new employees.
  • Although there is a latent interest should not make that interest implicit in all their messages and interactions, try to be relaxed and professional talking about topics of interest, technological developments or in the field that serves and sharing useful content.
  • Recognize contacts. The main idea is to get out of your comfort circle and meet more people that you would not know in normal situations and it is of the utmost importance to do so with strategically chosen people who have great networks of contacts.
  • Plan to attend events that can help you broaden the circle, be formal and not late.

    Image Source: Google
    Image Source: Google

Once you have achieved your purpose, a new job, promotion or new clients is important not to neglect those relationships, they can leave you in a very bad position with others.

If you get more income you can fulfill your financial dreams or improve your quality of life, that is why it is not bad for anyone to start networking. In addition, networking has been done for a long time, in meetings, meetings or events, now only expanding its possibilities globally.

Of course, the social networks like LinkedIn is one of the most used tools for this purpose, remember that LinkedIn does not work like Facebook and Twitter and publications can not be the same time, you should always take care of your posture and figure that gives the public.