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There aren’t many celebrity plumbers out there, which is a shame as it’s a fine and incredibly useful profession. However, there are plenty of celebrities who were plumbers before they became famous. Here are some celebrities with a plumbing past:

Michael Caine – In the past, it wasn’t quite so easy to become famous as it is these days when you can become famous for achieving very little. Most people had to earn a living before getting their big break and Michael Caine was no exception. He is now a household name, having starred in epics such as Zulu and winning Academy Awards but it’s bizarre to think that after serving in the Korean War, he was a plumber’s assistant!

John Gotti – This infamous mobster became the head of a major crime family in New York. Although he never actually worked as a plumber but he had to know his stuff as his cover story was as a plumbing supplier. He managed to escape arrest multiple times in the 1980s but was eventually captured after his boss gave evidence against him.

Bob Hoskins – Small in stature but big in personality, Bob Hoskins was born in England during the Second World War. He trained as a plumber but his career in this industry didn’t last long when he was fired due to setting fire to the car boot of a colleague. It’s kind of ironic that his famous role in Super Mario Brothers sees him acting as a plumber! For Boiler repair in Surrey, visit

Ozzy Osborne – This infamous rocker never finished his schooling and dropped to work as a plumber’s assistant. It seems that pipes and leaks didn’t float his boat though as he dropped out of this too. Deciding instead to embark on a life of crime, he served time in prison before getting interested in music and the rest is rock history.

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Joe Cocker – Joe found his fame playing at iconic events like Woodstock but was born a working-class boy from Sheffield. He trained as a plumber and took up a position as an apprentice gas fitter with British Gas but in his spare time, found his calling in music.

Michael Flatley – Nobody said that plumbing and dancing can’t mix and Michael Flatley proves this point perfectly. The famous creator of the River Dance phenomenon owned his very own plumbing business called Dynasty Plumbing.

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Fatty Arbuckle – This comedy legend was discovered in the early 1900s when he arrived at a job to clean drains. The owner of the drains just happened to be a film producer called Mack Sennett, who obviously found Fatty hilarious. Whilst never actually a licensed plumber, he performed odd jobs and a side line in occasional plumbing. He went on to become a silent film actor, comedian and director himself.

Pretty Boy Floyd – Infamous rather than famous, Charles Arthur Floyd became well-known due to his crime sprees. He began as a teen, robbing a post office but his ambitions grew and he graduated onto payroll robbery. After a spell in the slammer, he worked as a plumber. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help himself and continued committing a chain of bank robberies.