Spring is Coming!

As we approach February, many of us are eagerly awaiting lighter nights and warmer weather. According to the National Trust, there are definite signs to look out for that signal Spring is on its way. Spring is a beautiful season when we can begin to clear the winter debris from our gardens and look forward to spending more time outdoors. Here are some signs that Spring is coming:


When tulips begin to appear, we can be satisfied that Spring is here. The lovely bulbs are hugely popular for their vibrant colours and interesting shapes. The perfect place to see tulips is at Hidcote, near Chipping Camden. Every spring, 15,000 of these flowers bloom into a glorious display of colour against the stately home backdrop. If you’re planning a Spring wedding, why not bring your celebrations closer to nature and consider hiring a marquee? For Marquee Hire Kent, 2intents.co.uk provide marquee hire in Kent

Red Squirrels

Most of the squirrels we see in Britain are the grey variety, but it’s still possible to spot our native red squirrels as they come out to forage in the warmer spring air. The best place for viewing these rare beauties is the special island sanctuary at Brownsea Island in Dorset. It’s only accessible by boat but is a real haven for wildlife, especially the rare red squirrel.

Migrating Birds

Another sign of the changing seasons is the increase in birdlife as those who migrated for the winter return to our shores. Birds we see coming back include swallows, house martins and chiffchaffs. For the very best in birdwatching, head to County Fermanagh in Ireland where you’ll find a very important nature conservation area. Covering 2,000 acres, and full of ancient wooded areas, you can view the birds arriving from various birdwatching points.


A common sign of Spring no matter where you are, the bright and hardy dandelions are crucial to bees and other insects as they wake up from hibernation. For open fields full of the bright yellow flowers, visit Stonehenge in Wiltshire or Felbrigg in Norfolk. You should see a few in your own garden though.

Spring lambs

A true sign of Spring is the birth of all those cute, little lambs. Standing up for the first time on thin, wobbly legs, they represent the beauty of birth and renewal after the cold winter months. Head to the Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire for a working farm that bustles with new life at this time of year. They have approximately 300 lambs born every year.

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These blue blooms are one of the most stunning aspects of a British Spring. More than half of the world’s population of these flowers are found in the UK, covering our woodland floors with a colourful carpet of blue between April and May. To see these flowers in all their glory, head to the Blickling Estate in Norfolk between April and May. Take an enchanting walk through the woods and pass through the sea of blooms.


How could we talk about Spring without a nod to our wonderful daffodils? These flowers are normally the first sign that winter is drawing to a close, spreading out from the south west to the rest of the country. There are different types, and the wild variety is a particularly special find.