The Benefits of Joining a Debating Society

Students involved in the debate society often go on to study at top colleges and universities. They are placed in graduate and professional programmes in a wide range of fields. Debate Society members have even earned scholarships and fellowships. So what exactly are the benefits of joining a debating society?

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Students learn how to research ideas and support them with evidence. Debate builds critical thinking skills as students learn how to evaluate sources and conduct research. A Secretary of Education once said that debate builds the skills required by modern citizens. These skills include communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Debate is an excellent exercise in these areas. To improve your speaking skills, consider Public speaking courses from a company like

In addition to developing analytical thinking skills, debaters learn how to think on their feet. They must consider the audience and present their arguments to them in a personable manner. They develop a stronger sense of empathy. These skills are essential for life and in debating, they will need it! But what about the benefits of debating?

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Aside from improving critical thinking skills, debate also helps students improve their interest in their studies. Students who participate in debate are more likely to be interested in their studies, participate in community activities, and engage in politics. In fact, debaters are more likely to vote, volunteer for campaigns, and even run for public office. In fact, many former debaters have gone on to become politicians, judges, governors, mayors, and many other influential people in our society.