Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

Did you know that dogs feel cold and also need to wrap themselves up to fight it? Do not make the mistake of not protecting your dog by thinking that his fur is enough. Discover when and how to protect it from low temperatures. Your pet will thank you!

Surely on more than one occasion, you have heard equivocal statements that indicated that dogs do not need to shelter from the cold since they have a coat that protects them from it. However, this only applies to a few dogs with blunt and long fur. The rest, although they do not tell us with words, cry out for an extra to warm up.

We must keep in mind how to detect the cold in our pet, the advice so that your dog maintains an adequate temperature at all times and what are the consequences of this cold if the appropriate measures are not taken. All these details we bring you in the following article.

How to Know If My Dog Is Cold?Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

The main thing is to know when our dog is suffering from low temperatures. Probably the symptoms that we show you below sound to you. Your dog has been able to reflect them at some point and you, without being conscious, have ignored the signal. Do not worry; from now on this will not happen to you! Here we show you the keys to know if your dog is cold:


Have you noticed that your dog trembles? Probably not because of fear or fear. We are talking about one of the most obvious signs that the dog is cold. However, low temperatures are not the only reason why certain races tremble. For example, the Chihuahua may also tremble because of its metabolism or because it is exciting. You have to know how to distinguish such tremors!

Muscular stiffness

When you notice that your pet has too tight muscles, it is probably going cold. In this sense, the muscles of the dogs act like ours. Cold weather causes them to lose heat and to remain rigid, causing tension throughout the body. You may notice this symptom massaging or contemplating the movement of your dog – it is usually stranger.


Another possible sign that the cold has entered your pet is drowsiness. The copious meals, the accumulated fatigue, and the fatigue can also cause this sensation that the dog lives. However, if it is impossible to be one of the three cases, the dog has all the ballots of being cold.

Calm or slow breathing

All the owners, unconsciously, know when their pet is breathing slower than usual. This slowed breathing is an unmistakable sign of the cold in your pet.

Dry skin

Dry skin is one of the most particular symptoms that your dog can have to express its cold. How can we detect this signal? It is advisable to perform frequent examinations that allow us to check the state of the epidermis.

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How to protect our dog from the cold?

Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

The coldest months of the year not only challenge our organism, but also that of our faithful companions. The low temperatures sneak into the day to day and it is necessary to protect our pet at all times.

Several questions may arise when it comes to covering our can. We must never choose the outerwear according to the styling, we always have to focus on the heat they will bring to the dog. Only in this way will we properly protect our faithful companion from low temperatures.

Our dogs are privileged. We live in a time when it is easy to get clothes to shelter them, regardless of their physical characteristics and their corpulence. It is convenient to provide them with warm clothes when they go out and the cold is intense. But, besides sheltering your faithful companion, it is convenient to follow some recommendations.

The most outstanding is walking the dog at times of day where the sun heats more. In this way, the dog will avoid an intense cold. When the weather does not allow for long walks (rain or snow), it is advisable to reduce the route and spend some time playing at home. The many toys that exist today give many possibilities in this regard.

The blanket must be a fixed company element that your pet should always have close. This will be worth as much to lie to her as to wrap him in case you have a dog bed.

What body parts should we protect with special dedication? The ears and pads of the legs. Poorly protected ears can cause otitis and unprotected leg pads can crack. Therefore, the best we can do for our faithful companion is to dry the area of the ears well when it rains and use creams that hydrate their legs.

Consequences of cold in dogs

If you do not follow the advice in the previous section, our faithful companion will have many more possibilities of acquiring some of the diseases and pathologies that cause colds in dogs.

Which are the most common? The dogs suffer pathologies similar to those of humans. Colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and, in the worst cases, pneumonia are the main ones. Your pet does not have to suffer such diseases associated with winter and low temperatures. Protect it as we have explained in this article! In the event that it is too late and your dog has fallen into one of these pathologies, going to the vet is the best solution.