What is concrete made from?

Concrete is one of the most important elements in the construction industry. It is the bedrock of most builds as it is used as the foundation on which the project is going to be based. As a fundamental building principle you need to have that concrete base for all the strong and solid support it will bring. In any case the entire building is built from concrete. This was a style developed in the 1950s and concrete was seen as a way to quickly and efficiently build something plus give it a very modernist view. Concrete Stroud based suppliers https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-stroud/ are just one of many that can provide this essential material.

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Concrete is made up of three ingredients.

  1. Cement is not the same as concrete, although people often confuse the two. Cement is the main base part of the mix and the addition of the other parts that makes it stronger. Portland cement, from the South Coast near Weymouth.
  2. Aggregates. These are small stones and limestone that can bond the cement together. It’s important that the right amount of mix is added otherwise the mix will be too dry and gritty. It will then have issues bonding.
  3. Water. This is the final element of the mix. Water is added to get the whole mix to stick together. As with the aggregates, if there is too much water then the mix will be too runny.

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It’s an art form getting it right,