What type of wood should I burn?

A wood burner is an energy-efficient and stylish way to heat your home.

Wood logs are a renewable source of energy, provided they are purchased from a reputable supplier that has sourced them from a well-managed woodland. Hardwoods are better for burning in wood stoves than softwoods.

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Hardwood logs come from slow-growing trees that lose their leaves in the winter and have a greater density. This allows the logs to burn for longer, providing more heat than softwood logs from evergreen trees.

From best to worst, let’s look at which types of logs to burn in your wood burning stoves. Whatever you do, you should never burn your old Laminate Wood Flooring which you could probably buy your new flooring from Irwin Tiles as this is not like real wood and it will contaminate the air and damage your stove.

1. Ash

Ash is the king of wood burning logs. It is the ultimate fuel, burning steadily and providing great heat. It performs well when freshly cut and even better when seasoned.

2. Oak

Oak burns slowly and generates long-lasting heat. Oak is at its best when it has been seasoned for around two years.

3. Beech

Beech is not as fuel efficient as ash, but has similar qualities. It needs to be seasoned well due to its high moisture content. Burning ash too quickly after cutting can affect its performance.

4. Cedar

Cedar gives off a great amount of heat; however, it is not the most visually stimulating burn.

5. Hawthorn

Be careful when collecting this wood, as it has nasty thorns that can cause you some damage. Once in your burner, it will burn slowly and give off a good heat.

6. Blackthorn

Very much like hawthorn, blackthorn offers a slow burn and good heat.

7. Maple

Maple produces an impressive flame that will look great in your stove. Unfortunately, the heat is not as good as with other woods, although it will burn for a decent period.

8. Rowan

Rowan is not spectacular, but it is a decent slow burner.

9. Apple

One of the best qualities of apple is the lovely citrus scent it gives off when burnt. It will burn slowly without spitting, although it will not get as hot as other woods.

10. Pear

Again, pear wood gives a lovely scent to your room. Like apple, it does not produce the best heat when burnt.