5 iPhone Apps to Help You Avoid Food Waste

Food waste is a significant issue that is getting worse. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), between 30 and 40 per cent of the nation’s food supply is wasted each day, amounting to about 150,000 tons of food, which will compliment your games with best au online casinos.

It is critical to address this problem given that one in seven people worldwide lacks access to adequate food or water. Fortunately, technology can assist people in coming up with creative solutions for food preservation and waste reduction.

Here are some of the top iPhone apps to help you do your part to reduce food waste while also saving money.

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is a free app providing a brilliant service. To locate a restaurant, café, or store nearby that has unsold food, download it and search the map. Next, place an order and pick up a Surprise Bag right there. Starting at just $2, the prices are incredibly affordable, and the contents are worth more than you pay, the price at which you can play some games at machines a sous en ligne.

As a result, you can buy food at a discount, and businesses less waste. Everyone benefits!

You can place orders using the user-friendly app, save your favourite locations, and receive notifications when new Surprise Bags become available. Even the amount of money and CO2 you’ve saved is recorded! Good enough to go operate at the moment in 18 countries.


Another brilliant app that will encourage you to share more and use less waste is OLIO. Ask to borrow something you need, or register for free access to a database of food that people in your area are giving away.

You can exchange household goods like clothing and furniture as well as food through OLIO. You gain karma points and unlock badges as you share.

By subscribing, you can support OLIO and gain access to a special supporter profile and the map view feature in the app. The main advantage, however, is to contribute to OLIO’s mission.

Everyone can join this welcoming community because it is accessible worldwide and has a helpful forum. You can easily find a ton more websites and apps to assist you in reducing waste, similar to OLIO.


You can become more conscious of your shopping’s carbon footprint with the aid of Evocco. When you shop for food, you can use this app to take a picture of your receipts and receive a sustainability rating. To raise your score, the app will advise you to purchase more of some products and consume less of others.

Even better, you can use the app’s carbon offset feature to make your grocery shopping carbon-neutral. The people behind Evocco are now able to reestablish natural habitats and capture carbon by planting native woodland in Ireland.

You will undoubtedly become more conscious of the effects of your consumer decisions thanks to Evocco. Additionally, if this subject interests you, you can find information on becoming zero-waste on YouTube.


You can use the food inventory tool NoWaste at home. It makes it easier to keep track of expiration dates and what is in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. By doing so, you can avoid making unnecessary purchases at the store, plan your meals around the foods that will be consumed soon, and generally save a ton of money and food.

To add items to your inventory, scan the barcodes on your products or use the database. Then, mark them as consumed or expired and put them on your shopping list. Even better, you can use the reward coins you earn for your actions to buy deals on goods in NoWaste’s online store.

At the time of writing, NoWaste is used in at least 180 countries and is available in seven languages. If you find this app useful, think about upgrading to NoWaste Pro for features like unlimited inventories and a professional scanner.


A free app called Kitche is intended to prevent food waste at home. Use it to keep track of all the food in your kitchen; it has a wonderful feature that lets you scan store receipts to make the process quick.

The app maintains a list of all the food you have on hand and organizes it all by category. When you go shopping again, it might then suggest items you should pick up.

You can even filter the recipes section to only display those that use the ingredients you already have. As a result, food is no longer wasted. Consider the consequences of your actions in Kitche and use the tips sections to find some excellent suggestions for food storage.