If you’re interested in corporate team building events and you’re game for something new and exciting, then look no further! In June 2017, The Jockey Club’s Sandown Park is launching a new corporate event branch and is set to include some amazing packages. Image Credit A New Business Venture TheContinue Reading

From large storage area and freezer space right up to usable workshop, our garages are fast becoming a great way to maximise usable space in our home. Image Credit In this article in The Telegraph, property experts say around 90% of UK garages aren’t used to store a car in.Continue Reading

Not contesting that the dog, who lives in an apartment in the city is not enough exercise. I do not think that the majority of owners of large breeds could boast that makes daily ten-kilometer jogging or cycling trips with your pet. Of course, some fans – breeders take outContinue Reading

Wood is one of the cheapest eco-friendly materials. It is ideal for the production of various pieces of furniture and decoration for the house. But, unfortunately, in addition to the positive side of the tree has one negative feature. The wood darkens over time, rotting, moldy, it is got fungus,Continue Reading