Home Decor Ideas from The Trunk

Wood is one of the cheapest eco-friendly materials. It is ideal for the production of various pieces of furniture and decoration for the house. But, unfortunately, in addition to the positive side of the tree has one negative feature. The wood darkens over time, rotting, moldy, it is got fungus, bacteria, and insects. In general, the material is durable. To avoid this drawback and to improve the quality of the wood must go through several stages of processing.

Recently, in glossy magazines on the home furnishing decoration popular idea of using the bark, the trunk or the branches of trees. The material is easy to find, it looks original and natural. If you like the idea of a piece of wood to make their own hands a desk or shelf, take care of him pre-processing. With this creation will last longer and you have created will not have unpleasant consequences. Bleaching is used to improve and decorative features to hide the shortcomings of wood. Also, oxidizers destroy biological pests. The shops sell a variety of varnishes, sprays, and coatings for wood, so to speak for every taste and for any purpose.

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Here are a few ideas that can be made from a tree trunk with his hands.

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