Visiting a salvage or scrap yard, you might think it’s simply full of junk but you’d be wrong. Many items end up in reclamation yards to be recycled but sometimes, a gem is discovered. If you’ve always wanted to find buried treasure then you should spend some time browsing suchContinue Reading

Permeating our daily news at all levels, Brexit’s uncertain outcome is unsettling our retail industry, traditionally a sizeable employer of EU workers. Image Credit Restricting access to this core resource will almost inevitably impact on service standards, availability and choice of goods and lead to higher prices, according to aContinue Reading

Electrical batteries are much older than most people probably think, having been invented more than 200 years ago and possibly even longer before that. They are also surprisingly interesting in several other ways. For example, did you know that batteries produce direct current through chemistry and no moving parts areContinue Reading

Hobbits Tolkien had a love/hate relationship with Birmingham. While he hated cities encroaching on nature, it was the green fields, woods and farms of the area that inspired locations in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Bag End is a real farm. Tolkien tours still run occasionally. Image CreditContinue Reading

Decoration for Children's Rooms

Who says that a child’s room cannot be practical and fun, not only for them but also for the parents? Decorating children’s rooms is a fun process. For children, their room is an elemental part of their personality, so I recommend taking into account their opinions for decoration. If weContinue Reading

Anxiety makes it quite unnerving and challenging to live for those who suffer from this common psychiatric condition. Though there are numerous ways to cope up with anxiety disorders, there is just a small percentage of anxiety victims who receive its treatment. Basically, anxiety disorders refer to excessive worry andContinue Reading