7 Reasons for Women to Train for Body Weight

7 Reasons for Women to Train for Body Weight

A curved ass, a flat stomach or firm and tonic arms, you dream but your busy schedule does not leave you too much time to train? So here are 7 good reasons that will convince you to practice body weight training.

1. Train where you want, when you want

Are you a stay-at-home mom leaving the house alone a challenge? Do you still have tons of things to do in the office? Or are you often traveling for work? One of the great benefits of bodyweight training is that you can do the exercises anywhere and anytime. Whether in your TV lounge, during your lunch break in the office or in your hotel room, all Results app training requires no equipment or schedule, just a good dose of motivation.7 Reasons for Women to Train for Body Weight

2. Short but effective sessions

Let’s be realistic: we all have busy schedules and little free time. But staying in shape and in good health is still one of our priorities! The good news is that a bodyweight workout will only take 20 to 40 minutes. You also save the trip by car or bus to your fitness room, which is not negligible in winter, when the temperatures drop below zero (or in hot weather). A short but effective workout without having to leave the house, who says better? And if you have a part of your body that you particularly want to strengthen, the Workout Creator allows you to customize your training: choose the muscle group you want to work, the duration of the session (between 7 and 45 minutes) and that’s it!

3. No equipment needed

Dumbbells, elastic bands or Kettlebell … no more! All these exercises are done at the weight of your body and are just as effective. You save space in your home but also money (which you can invest instead in new sports clothes or accessories).

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4. A very good way to burn fat

Want to gain muscle mass while burning fat? So bodyweight training is ideal. These short but intensive sessions will boost your metabolism in a matter of minutes and make you sweat! And to recover from this effort, your body will activate what is called “post-workout combustion” that will allow you to burn calories at rest until 24 hours after your session. Is that a good reason to start no?7 Reasons for Women to Train for Body Weight

5. You request several muscle groups at once

Muscles are as important for women! But do not worry: weight training will not turn you into a bodybuilder overnight! Compared to men, women simply do not have enough testosterone for mass gain. Bodyweight training will allow you to strengthen several muscle groups at once and to have a stronger and firmer body. And this has several advantages: if you’re a runner, incorporating body-weight exercises into your workout routine will dramatically improve your performance.

And if you spend a lot of time sitting in the car or office, having a good musculature will reduce the risk of back pain!

And the best for last: a muscular body will support, mobilize and strengthen your skeleton, which is important if you want to protect your bones from old age. After menopause, women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Conclusion: train today, your body will thank you tomorrow.

6. You can train with your friends

Whether in the park, at the office or at home: training with friends is the best way to stay motivated. Studies have shown that people who train in a group are much less likely to quit than those who train alone.7 Reasons for Women to Train for Body Weight

Do you like to train in a group and are you looking for motivated people? Find a Results Group near you or create your own! Together we are always stronger and more motivated!

7. Make new challenges to your body

… And do not let any excuses get in your way. Bodyweight training leaves no room for boredom and will allow you to constantly push your limits. If you need extra motivation, start your 12-week individual weight training plan today and follow the nutrition guide’s advice to get the most out of your efforts. Let’s go!