Three routines with your body weight to train at home on a rainy day

Routine for fitness

Are you one of those rainy days passes going to the gym because “hey, what roll, I will not leave this time”? For these days when laziness makes his own and do not want us to leave home, YouTube can be a great ally, where you can find many routines with our own body weight that will motivate us to move a little.

Fitness channel Bloom to Fit is a mine if you like this kind of training. Then we leave a selection of our top 3 routines to body weight for all levels that you can do at home, ready?

Routine for fitness
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Training triple B

We started with a seemingly simple training, but it has enough crumb: Bloom boys call to Fit “triple B”. It consists of a single round of three years with our body weight: 100 pushups, 75 sit-ups with our body weight and 50 burpees. All we have to do is put our running stopwatch and see how long it took to do all as repetitions with a maximum of 15 minutes.

The good thing about this training is that we can structure it as we like : we can do all repetitions of each exercise flip, or we can structure it so that we do 10 rounds of 10 push ups 7 situps and 5 burpees with rest between them, etc.

We may be proving what is the structure that best suits us, which we also give information about how our body responds to the effort.

12-minute workout with squats

We always assume that we like squats, right? For this second workout with squats it is made entirely of different types: normal with our body weight, isometrics and jump squats.

The methodology is simple: eight rounds with 20 seconds of each exercise and 20 seconds of rest that allow us to reach 12 total minutes. A challenge for our legs.

Tabata training our body weight

The last training that we propose is Tabata type (a fairly powerful HIIT) that will allow us beats up quickly in a very short time. For this, the chosen exercise are the sprints with knees to chest : simple but demanding. As in any Tabata intervals corresponding to 20 seconds to stop work and 10 seconds rest.

Remember that doing sprints is essential that our back is kept straight and not let us forward. To do this, activate the core is critical: we think that our head out a thread that binds us to the roof and passing through all our spine to the tailbone.

With these three workouts already have three different and suitable routines for all audiences (beware of the Tabata if you are beginners: time controlled either rising pulse) to do at home on days when you take a little lazy out to the gym.