Tiptoes like dancers, the best way to work the twins


One of the weaknesses of most of us usually the legs and work. As mentioned on countless occasions it is important that we work to get a perfect body balance. So we want to give some tips and methods to work one of the parts that usually costs us when we usually train legs and almost always forget. It is specifically twins a muscle group very grateful if you train properly.

First of all let’s stop to this in ballet dancers, it is that if you look at their legs, we realize that her twins are highly developed. Basically this is because most of the day is spent supporting only the toes on the floor. This simple motion put to work the calf muscles, making the twins grow considerably and acquire a well – marked form.

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Knowing a little better twins

The calf is made up of several muscles, but we are going to consider are the gastrocnemius and soleus, which are the most developed, as will be those who work directly with the different exercises twins. If we perform exercises twins with knees straight, the gastrocnemius receive more tension. If we do it with your knees bent or folded, it will be the soleus on which fall the greatest intensity.

Working twins as if we were dancers

The ideal is to do a mixture of both types of exercises for maximum impact throughout the muscle group. How to work the twins will be easy because we will just the same as dancers do, raise the body supporting it only on the toes. In this way we will get will affect the area to work. But we will weightless simply our body.What we will try to reach 100 reps. At first it will cost, but can reach 50 and go slowly increasing the amount as we gain strength in the area.

If we return to the simile of ballet dancers, this simple exercise will be perfect for exercising this area and make us develop to the fullest. We can do standing or sitting and ideally day we allocate a few minutes to execution, as thus get strengthen the area and achieve a well defined twins. At first it will cost, but gradually get better marks to gradually add some burden and increase the intensity of this mode.

Train every day without risk of overloading

Surely many will think that train every day we undergo an overload in the area. What happens with twins is that especially the soleus, contain one of the highest concentrations of fibers of the body, namely 88% of its structure are muscle fibers. This makes the twins in one of the major muscle groups of the body resistance, so it is necessary to endow high intensity training time to notice results and impact as intended.

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