Being Safe at Work and Dealing with an Accident or Health Emergency

Millions of working days are lost each year due to accidents and injuries that happen in the workplace. As well as the huge cost to the UK economy, there is also a huge cost to the individuals who are injured and workplace safety is something that should always be the most important thing in all workplaces.

Health and safety assessments should take place in all workplaces – just because you work in an office that might be deemed relatively low risk in comparison to somewhere like a factory or a building site for example, accidents and injuries can and do still happen in all workplaces.

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Having someone who can assess the risks in the workplace and put better things in place to deal with them and reduce risks is essential. Good working practices and regular staff training are also important.

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Something else that is really helpful when dealing with risk in the workplace is to make sure that there are people who know how to respond in the event of a health emergency. Emergency first aid training courses like this are a good way to help staff to understand how to deal with a health emergency, and it could even mean the difference between life and death.

First aid is a good skill for people to have outside the workplace too, as accidents can happen anywhere, and it is also something that can be used to help family and friends and the general public.