6 Best Fitness Lock Screen Widgets for Your iPhone

You have more control over all aspects of your iPhone’s lock screen in iOS 16. Widgets can be positioned on your lock screen in addition to your home screen. Because of this, it is simple to view important data from a number of apps without even having to unlock your phone.

If you don’t want to be distracted during your run or workout by picking up your phone, this is fantastic news. Utilizing lock screen widgets will keep you concentrated on your workout while allowing you quick access to information while you’re on the go. Here are the fitness widgets that deserve a spot on your iPhone’s lock screen you get to see before using your mobile browser to access best online casino real money Australia.

Apple Fitness

The obvious option for one of your lock screen widgets is Apple’s built-in Fitness app. You can fit four different icons onto the bar if you select the smallest alternatives for all widgets, which are available as square, circular, or rectangular tiles.

You can quickly assess your progress toward the day’s goals thanks to the Apple Fitness square widget, which displays the familiar Activity Rings. The same information is provided in greater depth on the rectangular tile, which now shows statistics, but it won’t show your wins and losses at New Zealand casino online.

Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak is a lovely app that works well with Apple Fitness. It analyzes and tracks your activity while also enabling time for active rest and recovery workouts to keep you healthy.

Gentler Streak’s lock screen widget is available in two sizes: square and rectangle. One displays your Activity Status and informs you if you’re working hard enough or pushing yourself too hard. The other, Go Gentler, depicts your best daily deed. Right from your lock screen, you can check if it’s a rest day.

Fitness View

Fitness View is a tracker app that analyzes and tracks your Apple Health activity data. It provides a widget (available only to Premium subscribers) that allows you to display custom fitness data, such as activity goals, on your lock screen. It’s a nice addition to Apple’s built-in Fitness app and can be configured as a square or rectangle widget.

Personal Best

Personal Best is another app that syncs with your Apple workout data and displays insights into your workouts in an easy-to-understand format, challenging you to beat your personal best. The app includes a number of helpful widgets, including two lock screen widgets. One shows your most recent workout information, while another combines data from your most recent workouts to provide more insight into your exercise trends.


If an exercise is proving difficult, an encouraging phrase can help keep you going. The Motivation app is a tool for positive self-affirmation that sends out short, inspiring messages anytime you need them. You might benefit from reading some encouraging words on your phone’s lock screen, so try installing the Motivation widget and see if it helps.


If your favourite app does not yet have a lock screen widget, you can create one with a custom widget app like Launcher. Launcher allows you to create your own widgets for both your home and lock screens. You can create a widget for your favourite exercise app, timer, or source of entertainment, so the possibilities are practically limitless.