How does hydraulic power work?

When you hear the term hydraulics, you likely associate this with your car, a digger or construction vehicle, and maybe some manufacturing process. Seeing the word “hydra” in the title might suggest to you that water is somehow involved. It’s probably about there that your knowledge comes to an end. A Hydraulic Power Pack, like those from and its role would therefore be lost on you.

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To explain, Hydralucis is a word that can also relate to the study of water and all liquids. It is a Latin word that comes down to us through the ages. However, it’s now associated more with its role in engineering and technology. How hydraulic’s work is by using a small amount of fluid to do a considerable amount of lifting and movement. This liquid is used to generate a large amount of power.

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The basic idea works like this. Take a piston encased in a piston housing. Water is added to one side of the piston. Slowly, or quickly depending only on the flow of the liquid, one side is filled. The growing water builds up pressure that starts to push the piston and, therefore, movement. This piston can then lift something. As you remove the liquid, the piston comes back down and so on. Liquid as a form of power is very safe and also relatively easy to control.

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