How many different types of salsa dancing are there

Salsa dancing is a popular dance form that has been sweeping the world for years. Many people have been influenced by programs such as Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing and have been looking for Salsa Classes London way to get into the dance form themselves. rv dance salsa classes London way are perfect for beginners and those looking for more advanced classes.

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There are a number of different styles of Salsa that you can learn and these include:

New York Style Salsa – as the name would suggest this is a style of salsa that originated in New York, along with the music style for the same genre. This type of salsa is also known as linear salsa as it is danced in a line.

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LA Style Salsa – this is one of the most popular styles of salsa and is the one that is most commonly taught. Again as this name suggests it is a style of the dance form that was created in LA. It is also danced in a line but it differs from New York-style because it is danced on the 1 beat rather than the 2.

Cuban Style Salsa – this is one of the original forms of salsa and comes from Cuba. Rather than being danced on a line, it is danced in a circular motion. This motion is similar to swing styles of dancing.