Three Ways to Provide for the Garden Wildlife this Winter

Winter is a difficult time of the year for many people. But it is also hard for the local wildlife – with no cosy homes and full fridges, the wildlife will struggle over the winter. Something that you can do to help is to create a haven for wildlife in your own garden. Many ways to this don’t require much effort and you certainly don’t need a huge garden in order to do it. Here are just a few things that you can do.

Create a Wild Area – You can create a great wildlife area by sprinkling some native wildflower seeds in a part of the garden. Leaving it to grow and keeping the grass in the area long creates a fantastic wild habitat for all sorts of creatures.

A field of flowers

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Build a Pond – A pond is not just something that you need for a larger garden. A small garden can also be home to a perfect pond where you can attract frogs and toads, as well as water insects like whirligig and diving beetles and dragonflies. It is also a place that you can have as feature of the garden, by adding ornaments and fountains using things like copper pipe fittings

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Set up a Bird Feeding Station – Birds can struggle in the winter, and many species of native garden birds are in rapid decline. It is a great idea to set up a feeding station for the birds in winter. Wild bird food as well as fresh water will attract an array of birds to your garden, and maybe squirrels too!