Benefits of Natural Products in Feeding Your Pet

Since recently, nutrition in our pets has begun to become more important. Before our furry friends were fed on leftovers and no attention was paid to their proper nutrition.

With the advancement of society, it has been seen that good nutrition is vital in the development of our dog or cat. Therefore, it is very important to look for the best alternatives in food for them.

There are different ways to feed our dogs or cats. However, the most common are to feed them with industrial feed. This option is usually the easiest for owners, and there are very good and quality choices for dogs.

Lately, there is an increasing tendency to use natural feed, a great choice. Here we explain some of the advantages that have used this type of food for your pet:

  • Natural feed has a higher percentage of meat than other feed. This is important since the proteins that are supplied in the diet to our animals are of a superior quality.
  • The additives applied to this type of feed is natural. They are usually extracts of plants and totally natural compounds that preserve the feed and do not harm our pet. Some unnatural industrial feed may carry artificial preservatives that in the long run are harmful.
  • Natural feed is more palatable. Being composed of natural ingredients the taste is usually better than other types of feed, so our dog will eat it much better.
  • The percentage of cereals is usually lower than in other feed. Cereals in feed provide carbohydrates. While dogs need carbohydrates, they do not need them in large quantities. This is why it is not recommended that a feed has cereals as the main ingredient.
  • Many of the natural feed uses fresh meat as an ingredient. In these cases, the proteins that our animals ingest are of high quality, since the raw material does not go through successive heating processes, and the proteins arrive at the final product less denatured.
  • Natural feeds also usually have high levels of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

All these advantages of natural feed, translate into better health in our pets. Good nutrition helps prevent a large number of illnesses and allergies. Feelings that do not have a composition appropriate to the needs of our pets can develop intolerances and allergies that can be reflected in intestinal and skin diseases.

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In addition, also, with a good diet, it is avoided the overweight and the diseases derived from it, like arthritis. Dogs that feed on natural feed have a lower tendency to suffer from endocrine diseases, which usually lead to poor diet.

There are very good brands of natural feed in the market, such as Natura Diet, with its different varieties. There are other natural feeds, which are also free of grain such as Acana, Orijen, and Taste of the wild.