What to Expect from a BRC Audit

A BRC audit is something that will check that a food company is working to best practices. It stands for British Retail Consortium and is a standard that a food company should meet in order to ensure that it is providing food that has been stored and prepared safely and hygienically. A BRC audit like this https://mqmconsulting.co.uk/services/brc-audit-global-standards-consultancy/ is something that can build trust with customers as they will also be sure that you are working to a high standard and that the food is safe.

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A BRC audit is thorough and there are various areas of the business that the auditor will want to check to ensure that the correct practices are being adhered to. These include the standards of the site itself, as well as how the preparation of the food is done and also the training of the staff to ensure that they understand the food safety practices that are required and are able to follow the guidelines correctly.

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They will also want to check things like the suppliers for the business and ensure that food and equipment that is ordered in is safe, and that food being stored on the premises is done so correctly.

Although you might be worried about having a BRC audit done on your business, ultimately, this is important as it can help you to improve in any areas that you might have missed and improve the standards and quality of the food that you supply.

It is also something that customers will want to see – it will help to improve the credibility of your business and as well as customers, it will also mean that other businesses, from those that you supply to those that supply you will have more trust in you, so it can actually help to open doors for your business.

Before you have your audit, it is a good idea to get prepared for it, and have a go at assessing yourself so that you can pick up what you might need to do, or if you can find anything that could potentially be a problem. This can help you to make improvements ahead of the auditors arriving and ultimately improve your business.