How to improve your customer’s restroom experience

We all prefer taking care of our business in the privacy of our own homes, but of course, when we’re out for the day or at work, we need to use public conveniences. Using a public restroom is an experience that every human being goes through, but sometimes it can be less than pleasant and at worst, absolutely dire. There’s nothing more unpleasant than a dirty, smelly restroom and you have no choice but to use it. If you run a business or own a public facility, it is in your power to take this universal experience and make it a pleasant one.

This is one often-overlooked part of customer service and yet it is such a vital service. The state of your restroom facility will reflect on the rest of your business. If your facilities are horrible, people are unlikely to return to your business in the future. Here are some ways to keep your toilets in tip top condition:

  1. Keeping it clean

We all understand the importance of cleanliness but how much is it a priority to you? Do you know how many times staff are checking and cleaning the washrooms? Any business should have a few scheduled cleaning times per day on a rota. It might not be the best job in the world, but it’s a wise business decision as the alternative is to lose custom.

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  1. Don’t run out of essentials

Whilst keeping it clean is paramount, that is only part of the solution. A great restroom experience also includes keeping it well-stocked with essential items like soap, hand sanitiser, paper towels and toilet tissue, for example. Running out of toilet roll or finding no soap when washing your hands is extremely annoying. Keep your facilities well stocked with Washroom supplier Gloucestershire,

Checks need to be made at regular intervals throughout the day, just once is not enough and if you’re a business with high footfall, be sure to install dispensers that can keep up with demand.

Choosing the right dispensers is also important. Be mindful that small bottles of soap or rolls of paper can be stolen. The best dispensers keep products locked away and only dispense a certain amount each time.

  1. Make use of fragrance

Without going into details, the smell of a bathroom can be a little grim at times. Some can just accept it momentarily and move on, but others can feel nauseous and refuse to use the facilities. There are ways to deal with this issue and it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. There are many different air freshening products, including ones that release on a timer so you can feel confident that your facilities will remain fresh and fragrant.

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  1. Use quality products

This is a tip that might not occur to most business owners but can make the experience a lot nicer. Cheap soap or toilet roll from an unrecognised brand smacks of penny-pinching. When a customer sees a well-known brand, they realise that you care about their comfort and choosing quality products for your restroom. It’s a small thing but can make all the difference. It also shows a commitment by your business to things like hygiene, cleanliness and customer care.