Keep those Pesky Mosquitos Away from your Outdoor Living Space

When you are outdoors enjoying the warm weather, the last thing you want is to deal with annoying and potentially harmful mosquitoes. There are numerous ways to minimize this nuisance, including hiring a professional to provide mosquito control solutions. Before you decide to hire a service provider, consider the following:

Understanding Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they can also pose health threats, such as allergic reactions, West Nile virus, Zika virus, Dengue virus, malaria and yellow fever. They are part of the fly family of species, but have a proboscis (a long tubular appendage) used to such blood. While they are most prevalent in tropical climates, they can be found all across the United States. Many of them prefer to dwell in moist locations, rest during the day in thick vegetation, and are then active in the early evening. While most people believe mosquitoes suck our blood for the purposes of feeding, it is the female mosquitoes that are the most bothersome to people because they ingest blood in order to lay eggs and reproduce. They find us by detecting our scent through our exhaled carbon dioxide or through tracking our body heat. They lay their eggs in water or moist soil – something to remember as you aim to treat this problem.

Understanding Mosquito Control Solutions
Since mosquitoes like moist areas, areas of standing water should be removed. This will remove opportunities for mosquitoes to lay their eggs as well as eliminate presence of mosquito larvae. To get rid of adult mosquitoes, area of overgrown vegetation should be trimmed or removed. Spraying insecticides will also reduce the mosquito activity. Using mosquito repellants directly on the skin and in the yard will also keep these pests at bay.

You can always go the DIY or do-it-yourself route. To so, you may want to purchase mosquito traps, mosquito elimination sprays and other equipment. Traps range from the mid $50’s to over $700 and sprays and/or foggers can vary in price as well, costing more if they come in concentrate or in large volume. Additionally, you may need to wear protective gear if you are using stronger or more toxic sprays. However, many solutions come in organic and safe forms should you have children or pets that you do not want affected by the chemicals. Depending of your environment, you will generally need to treat for the mosquitoes at least once a month.

Opting for Mosquito Control Services
Most people feel the DIY method is not for them. It is very time consuming, can be dangerous, and can be a costly investment. Hiring a professional is a very affordable, effective, and convenient solution. Look for a proven and trusted service provider, one that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many will also offer other services, such as tick control and elimination, as well as free, in-person consultations. They will assess your mosquito situation and assemble a comprehensive plan on how to treat and prevent mosquitoes so you can enjoy your outdoor living space in comfort – offering you and your family peace of mind.