Helping the disabled with everyday tasks

There are lots of tasks that we undertake each day that we often take for granted. For those living with disabilities, these tasks can be made more complex or many see them needing support from Disability Aids like the ones that are available from Ability Superstore. These aids can help them to live more independent lives which are not only good for the individual’s physical health but also for their mental health. Here are just some of the ways that the disabled can be helped with everyday tasks.

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Hygiene – this is incredibly important and is one of the areas that most people long to have some independence with. Safety equipment such as shower chairs and grab rails can allow an individual to get themselves in a shower with more ease. In the cases of those that rely on wheelchairs, wet rooms can be a great option to allow them to shower and clean themselves.

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Food – eating is another area that people like to have independence with. The invention of the microwave and desktop ovens have made it easier for those with disabilities to cook their own food. Other equipment pieces include specialised knives and forks as well as ergonomic and non-slip plates and bowls.

Mobility – getting out and about is incredibly important for anyone and particularly for those who may feel their disability affects their mobility. Walking canes, frames and wheelchairs can all support someone to be more independent with their mobility.