Changing your summer clothes wardrobe into your winter selection

Most women have so many clothes that they have to sort them into a summer and winter wardrobe selection to make room for them in their bedrooms!  The spring and summer wardrobe consists of strappy tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, lightweight jackets or a womens merino wool sweater for the cooler evenings.  Several pairs of sandals, ranging from a sensible, comfortable walking sandal to two or three pairs of dressy toe bar ones for going out with friends. Three bikinis, two hats and three pairs of sunglasses.

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Turning to the winter wardrobe and the basic essentials are, two-three pairs of warm, stretchy leggings, at least four long sleeved tops, and again at least one womens merino wool sweater supplied by a company such as  A pair of blue or black jeans, three different coloured cardigans, a waterproof jacket, a winter’s coat, several pairs of thick tights and socks and a warm pair of fluffy slippers of course.

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All the winter essential accessories would also have to include, two woollen bobble hats, three colourful scarves, a thick black wrap, fingerless gloves and warmer mittens. Three pairs of boots, two with flat heels, one pair of black and one brown, and lastly one pair of heels for dressier occasions. Every year as the summer nears its end and October, autumnal weather arrives, women all over the country spend several days packing up all their tops, skirts and shorts etc and replacing them with all their winter essentials wardrobe.

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