Running would make smarter


What if the athletes were ultimately the smartest? Running is good for fitness. but not only! It would also seem that running can make you smarter.

The quasi-proven discovery of the Higgs boson, “the particle of God,” could change the very foundations of physics and explain the origins of the universe. We thought that the scientists had done strong, but this time they tackled the most immutable psychosocial models: running would make us smarter! In other words, athletes would be the smartest! After all these years lost to study rather than to frolic, let’s see why scientists shoot themselves in the foot!Running

The only beneficial drug

Scientists have always said that running, after a certain time, produces a substance called “endorphin” to your brain. This is euphoria, anxiolytic, analgesic and addictive. In short: you enjoy, you are relaxed, you no longer suffer and you want to start over. You are both the dealer and the came, and this without even breaking the law! Moreover, it does good for your brain, because for the latter, the race, carried out in an ideal environment, is equivalent to a meditation session.Running

Short-term benefits

Scientists have discovered in the practice of running three beneficial effects for your brain that can be seen in more or less short term.

First, the effort of the race favors the creation of blood vessels and nerves. Your brain develops.

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Secondly, this physical exercise enhances memory and learning abilities. Moreover, the concentration is increased, as well as the ability to do two things simultaneously.

Third, regularly managing the stress of running causes your brain to store more energy, making your thinking more efficient and faster.Running

Would athletes be so smart AND intelligent? Hang on, the hardest remains and long-term profit

Scientists have also found a long-term advantage in the race. A comparative test on two groups of 50-year-old men – some athletes; The others, non-sporting – proved that the group of athletes showed cognitive capacities superior to the second group. Time would, therefore, have less control over an individual accustomed to running.Running

Not only do these witches have everything for them, but they will age better and dance on our graves

Rest assured – or not – that sportsmen are no smarter! Your world can continue to turn round! Do not scientists themselves run their own lives after theoretical laws? Of course, you have not fallen into the trap of these shortcuts between “the race” and “the sportsmen”, but you have well understood all the benefits that this physical activity provides. So maybe it would be time to start running, right?