Essential Boiler Care and Maintenance Tips

Boilers are an essential part of any home; they produce steam that heats your house and helps to keep you warm. But they require proper care and maintenance. Inefficient boilers can be dangerous to your health and can also be costly to repair. However, you can take measures to keep your boiler working effectively without calling professionals.

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One method to monitor your boiler is to create an operation log. This document will include your gas and water temperatures, pressures, and other essential factors. A sound system will allow you to detect potential problems early, saving you time and money.

An essential part of boiler care and maintenance is regularly checking the water level. Your boiler could start malfunctioning when the water level drops below the recommended levels. You can raise the water level by opening the tap. If the water level continues to drop, it may indicate that your boiler is leaking. For advice on Tewkesbury Boilers, visit

Another part of boiler care and maintenance is to check the boiler for leaks and pressure. If your boiler starts to leak, it can lead to rust and electrical faults. Leaks can also cause a decrease in pressure. It is crucial to check the burner flame, the water side of the boiler, and the flues. While you are at it, you should listen for unusual vibrations.

Also, make sure the piping is insulated and well-ventilated. Uninsulated piping can increase your boiler’s electricity bill and can reduce efficiency.

For the best results, having a certified gas engineer perform regular maintenance on your boiler is also helpful. The service provider can detect and fix any problems that might arise.

If you have recently purchased a new boiler, get to know how to maintain it. This can help you avoid a costly repair later on.

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Always use safety precautions, including the use of carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, and a leak can cause illness or death. Your family and home are at risk, so be safe. Call your service provider immediately if you think your boiler is leaking.

Another important part of boiler care and maintenance is to have your boiler inspected annually, and a registered gas engineer will be able to detect any problems quickly. Some common issues include a faulty pressure release valve, a corroded boiler drum, or a blocked combustion air vent.