Six things that can make your kitchen look smaller

The kitchen can be one of the most challenging spaces to design and organise, especially when it comes to a small space. By identifying and addressing the common culprits that contribute to a cramped feel, it is easy to transform your kitchen. In a small kitchen, strategic design choices can work wonders. With careful planning and attention to detail, even the smallest kitchen can feel both practical and stylish.

1. Small Tiles

While small tiles may seem like a good idea, they can actually create an illusion of a smaller space in the kitchen. So many grout lines between tiny tiles can really visually clutter the area. Larger tiles can help create the illusion of a large space, as there are fewer grout lines to break up the visual flow.

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2. Extra Gadgets and Duplicates

It’s easy to accumulate a variety of gadgets and utensils in the kitchen, many of which serve similar purposes. From avocado slicers to garlic presses, single-use items can quickly clutter up the countertops and drawers, robbing you of valuable workspace. Try to conduct a really thorough inventory of your kitchen tools and eliminate any duplicates to free up space.

3. Singular Shelf Cupboards

Cabinets with only a single shelf limit your storage options. Investing in adjustable shelving or pull-out drawers can make better use of the available space. Extra shelving will make a big difference to your storage space.

4. Imbalanced Colour Schemes

An unbalanced colour palette with clashing hues or overwhelming contrasting shades can make the room feel chaotic and small. A cohesive colour scheme with lighter shades can help create a sense of airiness.

5. Stand-alone Appliances

Stand-alone appliances, such as free-standing fridges, microwaves and freezers, can disrupt the flow of your kitchen’s design. If you are looking for a kitchen refurbishment Guildford, such as those provided by, consider integrating appliances into your cabinetry to maintain a more streamlined appearance.

6. Oversized Dining Furniture

Oversized dining room arrangements can overwhelm a small space. Consider a drop leaf table to maximise available space.

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