5 Taboo Design For Rooms With High Ceilings

5 Taboo Design For Rooms With High Ceilings

The ceiling is called high if its height exceeds three meters. Of course, such high ceilings are an advantage of your housing but still deserves a competent design.


Inattentive approach to repair and arrangement of an apartment with high ceilings is able to wrap the winning space in a big uncomfortable problem. Therefore, try not to break several important taboos for housing with a high ceiling.

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  1. Remember that light and cold colors have the ability to create a sense of the depth of space. In your case, it is likely to be superfluous. Refuse from the white and gold tones of violet, blue and green. Be sure that your household will not like to live in a cold and empty well. However, at such a height there is an obvious plus. You can easily experiment with the darkest and most saturated colors. This will not only not spoil the interior but will make it even more comfortable.5 Taboo Design For Rooms With High Ceilings
  2. Never leave a room with one light source in the center of the ceiling. Certainly, an exquisite long chandelier with an abundance of decor harmoniously fit into this interior. However, you should support it with additional lights in the middle and lower parts of the room. At the same time, remember that in your home the chandeliers and sconces with the light directed down will most likely look. This simple trick will visually hide the extra centimeters above your head.
  3. It should not be in the high room to place too much emphasis on the bottom of the space. When constructing an interior for apartments with high ceilings, our studio specialists usually take into account the rule of three-thirds. The lower third is allocated for furniture, the middle is for decorative accessories, pictures, and photographs, while the upper one is empty. Balancing is one of the bases of professional design. Therefore, the correctly distributed load will make the room compositionally complete.5 Taboo Design For Rooms With High Ceilings
  4. Try not to use elements in the interior of the apartment, in addition, pulling the walls in height. First of all, it concerns the decoration of windows. A thin cornice under the ceiling and long, curtains leaving the floor will introduce excessive stretching into the house. True, the short curtains in your rooms will also look like guests from distant planets. Try to find here a golden mean, which does not make the dignity of housing an insulting shortcoming.
  5. In a high room, you should carefully approach the choice of furniture. For such an interior does not fit tiny tables and chairs, low cabinets and cupboards. They risk losing themselves in a spacious room. Frame furniture should be chosen according to height, and soft sofas and armchairs should be visible elements of the interior.

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With attention to our advice, you can competently highlight the winning height of your home ceilings and choose a decor in accordance with the golden rules for decorating the aspiring interior.