Why get double glazing?

When designing a new house or getting your current home redone, there are plenty of design choices to think about. Windows are a large aspect of many projects, and it is not just the shape and physical design that should be considered. Double glazing, as the name suggests, are windows made of two layers of glass. There are multiple benefits of double glazing, aside from its known use of insulation.

A large benefit of double-glazed windows is the noise reduction it allows. The second layer insulates the air and in turn, acts as a barrier to sound transmission. This is extremely useful for a plethora of reasons, traffic noise, music from neighbours or any other sound pollution. After all, a house becomes a home when you can relax and become disconnected from the outside world.

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The insulation itself works for both the reduction of heat but also the insulation of it too. Therefore, whatever the weather, your house will be better at self-regulating than with traditional glazed windows. This is not only a good reason for your physical health but will produce lower energy bills as your home will be using less energy to cool or heat itself.

Homes that are energy efficient and will reduce their carbon footprint are increasing in popularity by the year. Double glazing would increase your property value as a largely desirable feature. And so if you are considering having them installed, although it will be initially more expensive it could produce a long-term gain.

Other benefits are that double-glazed windows reduce condensation. The design prevents the inner glass pane from getting too cold and so the interior will not get condensation appearing. This is great as it will minimise mould growth on its frames and walls. Another benefit is that it provides double the UV protection. This means that the sun’s rays will not be able to damage and discolour your interior furnishings such as sofas or carpets.

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In terms of home security, these types of windows will provide an extra layer of protection. Double glazing is harder to break, and the design could deter potential burglars. Breakage compared to normal glass windows is almost impossible.

Companies such as Gloucester Double Glazing firmfix.co.uk/ will help provide you with various options and a quote for your home. Don’t forget, double glazing is not just for houses but for garage doors, conservatories, and porches too. Overall, there are so many ways that double glazing can improve your home, so why not take the leap and get a quote today?