5 things to know about Greek living

If you are planning to move to Greece, you need to know about the Greek way of life. This country has a long history and a rich culture for you to study in detail.
Day and Night

The country is famous for its long, hot summers, which means lots of visits to the beach and parks. People savour the day right until 10 pm. As for the nightlife, partying may start at midnight or 1 am, and continue until the sun returns in the morning.

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Traditional Celebrations

Celebrations are heavily influenced by the Greek Orthodox Church, particularly Easter, the most important annual holiday. Rituals and superstitions accompany weddings, funerals and name days (which carry more significance than birthdays).

Eating Together

Greek cuisine is Mediterranean-style, rich in olive oil, fruit and vegetables, and without a lot of sauces or spicing. Meals are communal affairs that may last hours. As many generations of the same family often live close together, or even in the same building, it is easy to share. And if you move to Greece, you may be invited too.


Modern options like iced frappes are popular. But traditional Greek coffee from a coffee pot known as a briki still proves irresistible to both locals and tourists with its distinct, robust flavour and foamy topping. Despite the similarities, do not call it ‘Turkish coffee‘.

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Even a big project like the 2004 Summer Olympics could not make Greece keep to a schedule. Months of procrastination were followed by a rush to finish. But as usually happens, they still managed to complete everything by the deadline, despite the scepticism.

There is a lot to appreciate about the Greek way of life. And if you do decide to move to Greece, it is likely to become very familiar.