What You Should Keep In Mind For After Parties

They say for some newlyweds, the post-wedding blues start kicking in right as you drive away from the reception – even if you’re jetting off to your honeymoon destination immediately. As a preemptive strike, many brides and grooms are planning to prolong their celebrations by coordinating post-nuptial after-parties. If you’re looking to do the same, there are a few ways you can go about throwing this type of fête or you can just sit in your house and play games from Australia online casino. Here are the basics.

Plan ahead.

Though it’s true that spontaneous missions to the nearest open bar or club can be exciting, if you know you’re the kind of couple that never wants the party to end, it really is best to be prepared. If you’re not switching locations, be sure your venue allows later parties and pay any extra fees that might arise. If you move to another space, call ahead – even if you’re sure the place won’t be busy and will happily accommodate your large group. If you book another venue, do all preparation for your after-hours event in tandem with your wedding planning. If planning your nuptials teaches you anything, it’s that you can never be too organized especially when you’re playing games from best nz online pokies.

Choose an easily accessible venue

If you make the decision to do a bit of travelling to reach the after-party location: keep it close. You may be excited to take your friends and family to your favourite lounge across town, but you need to consider everyone’s mindset at that point in the night. More than likely, guests will have been consuming some alcohol, and a long car ride might be just what they need to realize how exhausted they are. Additionally, the proper thing would be to provide transportation for attendees, and the farther the destination, the more difficult that coordination becomes. Make this aspect of the evening simple and fun for everyone – including you and your new spouse!

Open the invitation to all guests.

We know: the after-party is really for younger friends and family members – fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, your cousins, siblings, etc. – but closing the event off by age is incredibly uncouth. At this point in the evening, older guests and those with young children will most likely excuse themselves and opt out of the extra celebration anyway. In the end, you’ll probably end up with your desired group either way, so why not be polite and give everyone the option of attending?

Up the party vibe – no matter your wedding theme.

The motif of your post-reception soirée is completely up to you; however, we highly recommend emphasizing a more casual atmosphere. If your wedding was a black-tie affair, don’t be afraid to go with a more dance floor-centred feel. Maybe your honeymoon is in Hawaii, so you decide to serve colourful island cocktails and provide grass skirts to guests. Perhaps you and your sweetie had an affinity for the 1920s and you’d prefer a speakeasy vibe. Whatever your creative decision, make it fun and carefree!