3 Things To Consider Before Bringing Your Horse Home

For some horse lovers, the decision to move their beloved equine companion from a commercial stable to their home barn seems like a no brainer. Rather, it’s the culmination of a dream. However, there are several things that you should carefully consider before deciding to bring your horse home. Here are three big factors that you may have overlooked.

Liability and Risks

No matter how safe you think your horse is, she may present a risk to you and others. Couple that with the fact that some homeowners’ insurance policies don’t provide coverage for farm animals and your liability can quickly grow. Check into horse insurance cost before making your decision to understand coverage options for personal and potential business situations.

Fencing Systems

Not all fencing is the same, and your horse has special requirements for her pasture, so be sure to consider these horse fence planning tips. Make sure there are no places where a head or hoof could become trapped in a fence. Sharp or pointy pieces can easily puncture a horse’s thin skin, so barbed wire should not be considered horse safe. It also means that any sharp ends of metal fencing should be cut smooth or tucked to the outside of your pasture.

A final note on fencing concerns visibility. Using stranded wire, electrified or not, or woven metal fence can be an economical choice for fencing a large area. However, your horse may struggle to see the fence line, especially when running. If you go with a low visibility fence material, add a bold top rail or fence flags to ensure your horse doesn’t accidentally run into the line.

Frequency of Travel

While this may seem trivial when you are deciding whether or not to bring your horse home, planning for time you are away from home should happen now. Do you know a reliable horse sitting option, and what would that cost be? You will need someone who can not only make sure your horse has food and water, but who will also be willing to repair fences and perform minor first aid in case of an emergency.