9 more low cost ways to improve your home this autumn

Changing the appearance of your home’s interior need not be a massive, expensive, time-consuming project. There are many ways you can lift your living space, with a few simple tweaks.

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Floor it

Rugs need not be costly, and they can have a significant impact on the atmosphere and ambience of a room. Plus, they are nice to walk on.

Open plan

Why not try open storage such as a clothing rack? This can be very versatile and easily customised to your needs. This report from The Guardian has some different looks you could try for open storage in a kitchen.

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Climb the ladder

Another stylish and casual way of addressing storage is the ladder shelf. Painted or stained, you can make them look exactly the way you like.

Window dressing

Putting curtains on the windows will make them look much smarter, and give you privacy. There are many cheap options available, and tab curtains can be very simple to make yourself.

Lean in

Have framed art which is heavy? Unsure about putting nails in the wall that might damage the plaster? Try leaning the art against the wall instead. This is very effective with large pieces.

Big head

If you have a minimalist type of bedroom, one way of adding impact and personalising is to install a dramatic headboard at the top of your bed. A vast range of contemporary and antique styles are available.

Sign of the times

Add interest to walls with decals that you can remove. Put up an inspirational message perhaps, and when you’re tired of it, take it down.

Let there be light

Get some cheerful table lamps with shades in vibrant colours to add an individual touch.

Fresh handle

Changing your door furniture can really give your home a new look with little effort. There are thousands of styles to choose from.

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Some of these suggestions are not only fun but add personality to your home. Try out a few different ideas and see which ones work for you.