Eight key checks when viewing a property

It is a wonderful feeling when you walk into a place and it feels like home, but not so fast! It is easy to get swept away with the emotional response, but you should always allow your head a say and check various things before you commit.

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1. Roof

Whilst it might not be practical to get onto the roof – leave this to a surveyor – you will be able to make a quick judgement on the roof visually as you arrive. Are there tiles missing? Are there things growing in the guttering? Is the woodwork in good condition?

2. Doors and windows

These can affect your insurance policy, so make sure you pay them careful attention. They might not be a deal-breaker; however, if they are not up to standard, you need to budget for replacements.

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3. Plumbing

You are within your rights to make checks such as flushing the toilet or turning on taps to make sure they work and to see how easily water drains.

4. Boiler

Following on from the plumbing is the boiler, which can be another significant investment. Ask for details of the make and model, the age, whether it is oil-fired, and whether there is a full service history.

5. Heating

Heating is next. Check that all the rooms are adequately heated and everything is in good working order.

6. Electrics

As with the taps, check that that lights come on. Check that there are enough sockets and that they are in sensible places for what you need.

7. Damp

Look around for any signs of damp, such as patches of discolouration on the walls or ceilings. A musty smell is another good clue.

8. Neighbours

Don’t be shy to ask about the neighbours and have a look at their properties from the outside; for example, are they making a lot of noise? Legally, a vendor is obliged to tell you if there have been any disputes.

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Finally, make sure that you look around a few properties and get a feel for the area so that you make your offer competitive.