How long does concrete last?

When seeking outdoor renovations to your home, you’ll want to know for certain that you’re getting your money’s worth, especially on big projects. For new driveways or patios in the garden, concrete is the ideal choice, but how much mileage will you get?

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What exactly is concrete?

By understanding the composition of concrete, we get a better picture of how long concrete can persist. It’s a fairly simple recipe, using four very common ingredients: sand, cement, water, and stones.

Cement keeps the mixture together, and increasing the amount of cement in turn better fortifies the concrete. There is a minimum recommendation, and the only thing really stopping you from adding more may be the cost. Cement also isn’t the only factor for concrete life expectancy.

Water, on the other hand, should be kept to a minimum. You only want the mix to be workable, not waterlogged.

Finally, sand and stones form the aggregates – one fine, and one coarse respectively. These reinforce the mixture and give it its form and strength. There are plenty of helpful guides on concrete proportions, and even calculators to help.

Concrete Life Expectancy

Most people assume that concrete is incredibly durable, withstanding all the elements and upholding concrete jungles worldwide. On the flip side, dodgy installation by non-professionals may have convinced you that concrete is flimsy and brittle, with cracked pavements and spalling walls not exactly inspiring confidence in the material.

A walk around your local town can reveal the true integrity of concrete Swindon or elsewhere – rigid bridges, sturdy stairs and safe pavements, most of which will have been around for over 50 years. Provided you use a reputable and professional service, the same quality of concrete can be installed on your property.

Anything from poor ingredient measurements to improper pouring and finishing can affect the integrity of concrete in Swindon or Swansea, as inexperienced workers may interfere with the process (trying to drain excess water, for example).

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Provided you find a seasoned professional, concrete typically lasts several decades, ensuring your money’s worth on those big home projects.